Thanks - Complete Listing

Birthday party - Robertson, Southern Highlands

Sorry I have not emailed you earlier. I just wanted to say a BIG heartfelt thank you to you & Leo for joining us at the recent party at Burrawang, for adding to the significant of the night for us all & for creating such a wonderful atmosphere  for everyone there. People commented on how terrific & talented  they thought you both were…  and I thought you were brilliant & the repertoire was superb. Thank You!!.... I believe 2 naughty boys from my work place thought they would be very smart & ask you to play some Metallica or something similar… & you blew them totally away when you apparently said “Sure – no problem “ and then performed a song perfectly!! Good on you!

Thanks again…… if you can bear us all again I would dearly like to contact you in the near future for some more great evenings….

Anyway take care